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Retail123 Systems was, founded in 1992, is a privately held corporation of New York State. From the outset, Retail123 worked hand-in-hand with retailers to produce the most effective, easy to use, point-of-sale computer systems specializing in fully integrated management systems for retail and sales force automation.

We predicted the growth potential of a Windows-based point-of-sale software. The release of the Microsoft® Windows® based Retail123 !tm Retail Software Suite, in November of 1995 utiltizes a unique Touch Screen interface for the end user.

We are a Microsoft® Certified Solution Provider, and have partnered with IBM to become an authorized IBM business partner for both the PC and POS lines. Other business partner relationships include Hewlett Packard, and NCR systems.

Retail123 now has over 500 users nationwide, and is growing exponentially. Our exceptional products and services position Retail123 software as the leader in the industry.

Our main offices are located in the heart of New York City's Wholesale District, where our main sales, support, configuration and development operations allow us to have our finger on the pulse of the retail industry.

To create and deliver the best software solutions that empower retail businesses.

Vision (3 Year):

To become the leader in providing retail systems (focusing on the Tier 2 independent retailer) by providing easy to use, innovative technologies and products.  The convergence of the brick and mortar and virtual store fronts is a driving force. Thus, we will focus on allowing the retailer to harness the power of the internet, specifically e-commerce.

For more information please contact:

email: info@retail123.com



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