Run.It Re-Seller Programs are available.


Becoming a Retail123 Reseller


Join our team of partners. Deliver to your customers the best most full featured turn key retail software package on the market.


Integrating Your System with Ours


Retail123 development team would be happy to negotiate plans for integrating your systems with ours. For more information click on our contacts page.



Retail123 Partner Program Benifits


  • Complete Partner Application Process
  • Not-for-Resale Copy of the full Retail123 software suite 
  • Electronic access to a full set of product documentation and technical spec sheets and sell sheets
  • Retail123 planning session up and ready guide books helping you install your clients in a cover all bases project plan
  • 10 Support incidents additional incidents available at discounted rate
  • Retail123 Certification of 2 technicians
  • Additional Certification $995 per additional technician
  • Free Access to our on-line support knowledge base
  • Free e-mail technical support
  • Access to most recent file updates and patches
  • Import Export and file maintience tools for converting clients from other systems
  • Sales Handbook and Methods
  • Prerelease of all software beta versions
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