Paying bills with Retail123 is effortless and accurate. Forget searching through disorganized files.  Instantly find information when you need it, saving time and avoiding credit holds. Use Pay.It for all accounts payable tracking. Couple Pay.It with Bill.It, or accounts recievable module, and the integrated General Ledger, you always know your financial picture.


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Customer Statements auto-generated by Bill.It and printed in ready to mail form.
Payables generated by Pay.It from receiving and credits generated from RTV's.

Automated check writing

Print out laser checks and pop them into the preformated windows envelope for easy processing of your invoices. Pay multiple invoices on the same check with payment detail itemized on the check stub.  Handle payments to factors and vendors.


  • Assign an expense category to each payable for your accountant.
  • Easily choose the remit-to from you phone book.
  • Enter amounts, freight charges and additional discounts.                    

Track payables

  • By date,
  • invoice number
  • payable category
  • remit-to company
  • vendor
  • factor
  • number or account of a check used on the payables
  • by the status of the payable (open/closed)


  • Set up a revolving statement system, allowing for interest charges.
  • Designate certain customers to not receive statment, in the mail.
  • Aging Report shows customer balances for each purchase: 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90+ days.



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