Know.It, advanced reporting module, lets you generate over 400 different types of reports. Analyze the best selling brands, departments, genders, styles and sizes. Quickly determine if your store is stocked with the “right” merchandise resulting in quicker inventory turns. Know.It features easy to read visual graphs, order analysis, commision tracking and automated scripting.


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Inventory Levels, Size Performance, Order Analysis instantly available via Know.It - Advanced Reporting
Sales Stats:  Department, Type, Store, Salesman, Brand, Color, Price Point etc.

Inventory Analysis

  • Analyse your store by various categories including: department, type, brand, price point, season.
  • Have your report include only inventory belonging to certain categories, brands styles and sizes or inventory that was received and solf during certain periods
  • Units sold dollar amount of sales and dates sold

Ordered/Received Anlysis


Fast and slow selling analysis


Graph sales





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