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Physical Inventory Tracking


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Functionality Overview: Register

  • Perform all of your primary register transactions (standard sales, returns, exchanges layaways, special orders, rentals, and gift certificate sales) at the same screen
  • Each receipt can include any combination of sales, returns, markdowns and discounts
  • Auto date, time and cashier on each receipt
  • To simplify returns, you can enter the original receipt number of the items being returned and then select the items, thus insuring correct credit on the refund or credit amount
  • Print signature lines for credit card sales, layaway pickups and returns
  • Enter shipping and alteration charges on a receipt
  • Print a packing list for receipts that are being shipped
  • Markdown a line item by a dollar amount, percent or by entering a new price
  • Discount an entire receipt by a percentage, a flat dollar amount or by bottom line
  • Disperse discounts between each item on a receipt
  • Choose merchandise to sell directly from a special occasion registry
  • If you are in the process of performing a sale and the customer decides to go find another item, just put the receipt on hold, help your other customers and then, when the customer is ready, retrieve the sale and complete it
  • For non size based inventory, choose the serial numbers being sold at the register so they are automatically removed from inventory
  • Automatically perform credit card sales and personal check guarantee with On-Line verification software
  • Print multiple receipt copies of each type of transaction
  • Always know who voided a particular receipt, allowing for an audit trail
  • Enter payouts and pickups (taps), then print out a confirmation slip to be signed
  • Close-out your register to check your tenders for the day
  • View inventory for all your stores right at the register
  • Show the customer how much he saved on the receipt
  • Set dozens of features to customize your register to your store environment
  • Print comments or special instructions on a receipt
  • Enter store policies or special comments to be printed at the bottom of the receipt for each type of transaction
  • Sell gift certificates and track them by entering the number from your printed certificates
  • View sales totals by register at any time during the course of the day


Layaways and Special Orders

  • Retrieve layaways or special orders by customer name, receipt number or store layaway or special order number
  • Review each of the tender types and the payments made for a particular layaway and special order
  • Enter new inventory at the register when making a special order
  • Automatically generate a purchase order for items on a special order
  • Complete payment on a layaway without the customer picking up the merchandise
  • Signature option on receipt for layaway pickup


Review Sales Transactions

  • By any range of dates
  • By the merchandise sold
  • By the transaction type (standard receipt, layaway, special order, gift certificate)
  • By customer
  • By credit or layaway status
  • Or any combination of the above
  • Sell...It!-Point-Of-Sale
  • Functionality Overview (cont’d)



  • Review a daily breakdown of sales by tender for each store and register or cashier
  • Confirm which store credits and gift certificates have already been used and which are open
  • Analyze the merchandise sold and its profit during a certain period of days. You can view detail by style, brand, department, type and more
  • Review the amount of sales of each tender type and each sales tax rate
  • Quickly report what merchandise needs to be shipped and which shipper to use
  • Generate a list of merchandise that is ready for a customer pick up
  • End of day sales reports - include z-out and x-out


Employee Control

  • Unique rights-based security access to the Retail123 system for each employee
  • Review the daily sales of each employee along with commissions earned for that day or period of days
  • Use the Time Clock to easily keep track of the exact hours of your employees
  • Enter a salesperson for each line item of a receipt, allowing for split commissions on a single sale
  • Set the minimum allowable profit margin for a sale, ensuring that a cashier can not "over-discount" a sale


Customer Tracking

  • Enter customers in the back office or at the register screen at the time of sale
  • View the history of each piece of merchandise a customer has purchased and each of his or her receipts
  • Track your customers’ favorite vendors, special occasion date, and personal sizes
  • Create your own customer tracking fields, to customize your client tracking
  • Assign a customer to a specific salesperson
  • Report of the customer’s total sales, and personal preferences as well as updated buying club and account status
  • Set restriction conditions for a customer including no checks, and no charges
  • Enter a reseller number for non-taxable customers
  • Track sales for different family members
  • Instantly view the customer’s credit limit and current balance for on account customers


Move...It!-Inventory & Transfers

Functionality Overview: Transfers

  • Receive merchandise "on-the-fly" without a purchase order
  • Transfer merchandise out of inventory
  • Transfer merchandise between stores (Inter-Store Transfer)
  • Automatically adjusts the inventory levels per store depending on the transfer status
  • Print out a packing slip for your inter-store transfers
  • Work with the items in a size matrix format, for all stores, on the same screen
  • Multiple stores can be on the same transfer order
  • Use a laser gun or data collector to quickly transfer merchandise using the "Auto Transfer" feature
  • View the total cost of goods and the retail selling price of the transferred merchandise
  • Inventory that is transferred to another store is automatically updated with the tax rate of that store
  • Set up new SKUs "on-the-fly", when entering a transfer-in
  • View current inventory levels for all of your stores from within a transfer
  • Change categories and prices of existing items, from the transfer screen
  • Sequential transfer order numbers helps keep track of your transfers
  • Create multiple groupings for your stores to quickly add several stores to a transfer
  • Print barcode labels or tags for the inventory, right at the transfer screen
  • View the totals being transferred in and out of each store on a transfer
  • Easily change the computer-generated barcodes to use the item’s UPC code.
  • Use the "Favorite-Runs" feature, if you always like to transfer certain quantities for a size run
  • Use "Best-Run" to automatically transfer the optimum number of units based upon your sales
  • For a multi-store operation use "Auto-Distribution" to automatically distribute the units being transferred between your stores based upon sales and your current inventory
  • Enter serial numbers for items
  • Simply scan the serial numbers of the item, quickly performing an inter-store transfer, or transfer out
  • Print a transfer confirmation slip for the shipment
  • Print individual transfer slip for each store, or a master for all stores


Review Transfers

  • By dates
  • By merchandise
  • By transfer number
  • From purchase orders and RA’s
  • Or from a combination of any of the search criteria



  • Enter current inventory information into the system
  • Define inventory items by using up to eight categories
  • Stop using outdated code or numerical systems which are cumbersome to use. Use plain English in assigning your department structure and brands
  • Serialize your inventory
  • Track each serial number item, when it was received and sold
  • Full inventory matrix with sizes and extensions
  • Enter up to 17 character style number
  • View full matrix by stores and sizes of on-hand stock quantities
  • Move...It!-Inventory & Transfers
  • Assign special store stock numbers to aid in finding items in the stock room
  • View the sales history of each SKU including the last day it was sold and received
  • Use "Scan...It!" to create a digital color picture catalog, allowing you to scan a picture of the item
  • Add sizes and extensions to a style at any time
  • Set minimum and maximum stock requirements to aid in reordering
  • Make manual adjustments to inventory quantities
  • Review adjusted entries to the inventory allowing for tight security controls


Barcode Tickets

  • Reprint barcode tickets at any time
  • Choose from a variety of barcode labels and tickets
  • Easily change the computer barcodes to UPC codes



  • Set a standard tax rate for each of your stores that is automatically applied to merchandise
  • Set a special tax rate on all items that are more than a certain price
  • Set a tax rate on a specific style, brand or category of merchandise
  • Set commissions and Spiffs for a style, brand, category or for entire stores
  • Multiple rates for local and federal taxes


Prices and Costs

  • Multi-tiered pricing including retail price, suggested price and store’s suggested price
  • Use auto pricing to automatically set retail prices based on a percentage of the cost price
  • View each SKU’s original price, average cost and the last cost
  • Easily set a group of merchandise back to its original, pre-markdown price
  • Set unlimited quantity pricing for each item such as, 2 for $10, 3 for $14
  • Run a timed sale on any group of items that will automatically begin and end on predetermined dates
  • Markdown any group of merchandise by a percentage or a dollar amount
  • Choose to enter markdowns but not actually commit them until a later date
  • Review the previous and original price for all items that were marked down


Inventory Reports

  • Limit all inventory reports to include only merchandise belonging to certain categories, brands or styles
  • Reports include retail and cost values of merchandise
  • View the price, cost and date last received of each style
  • Easy-to-read totals at the bottom of the report
  • Size Matrix showing the quantities currently in stock for each SKU
  • Inventory history report comparing merchandise received, sold and in stock
  • Keep track of all manual adjustments made to inventory quantities
  • Track the number of units received and sold during a certain period
  • Find out what items need to be reordered - based upon your min/max levels


Order...It!-Purchase Orders & Receiving

Functionality Overview: Ordering

  • Enter new inventory "on-the-fly" when making an purchase order
  • Automatically re-order based upon sales history on a size level
  • Reorder items have fallen below minimum stock requirements
  • Select a vendor and sales representative for the order from your phonebook
  • Attach a vendor and remit-to company (Factor) to a brand so they automatically appear on the order
  • Vendor or remit-to’s payment terms automatically apply to the order
  • Override the standard discount percentage and net days
  • Have multiple brands on a single purchase order
  • Track purchase orders and items by season
  • Enter the proposed ship date, cancel date and the company’s number for an order
  • Automatically assigns sequential order number for easy tracking
  • Track purchase order by your PO number, or the vendor’s confirmation number
  • Enter special comments for each item of an order
  • Automatically generate a purchase order from a customer special order
  • Have purchase order discounts apply to your average cost of merchandise
  • Use the "Favorite-Run" feature to quickly order your most common size runs
  • Use "Best-Run" to automatically re-order the optimum number of units based upon your sales
  • Copy the previous style’s size run on an order, with the touch of a button
  • View inventory on-hand information for all stores while making an order
  • Change categories and prices of existing styles at the purchase order screen
  • Remove a style from an new or existing order
  • Total ordered, received and back-ordered for each store on the order
  • Select how to print the purchase order for the stores



  • Instantly receive a complete order line, full style or full order, at the touch of a button
  • Received merchandise is automatically added to inventory levels
  • Backorders are automatic unless override is issued and order is closed
  • Print bar-code tickets for merchandise received
  • Use the "Auto-Receive" feature with a laser gun or data collector to quickly and accurately receive merchandise
  • Quickly jump to any style on the order, this helps on those large orders
  • Utilize the item’s UPC bar code during receiving
  • Enter serial number for each item being received
  • Automatically generate an expense entry in accounts payable for a received shipment
  • Close orders that will not be fully received
  • Print receiving reports for all stores or for one store
  • Print receiving journal for a particular date or for a particular shipment


Track Purchase Orders

  • By order date, ship date or cancel date
  • By ordered merchandise
  • By brand
  • By season
  • By your purchase order number or the vendor’s purchase order number
  • By order status
  • Returned Merchandise Authorization
  • Return damaged items to the vendor via RA
  • Automatically deducts returned items from inventory
  • Enter the shipper’s tracking number for the shipment
  • View current inventory levels for all stores at the RA screen
  • View the totals on the RA and shipped totals for each store
  • Automatically generate a credit in your accounts payable for the items returned to vendor
  • Print the RA request and RA shipping to include as a packing list


Track RA’s

  • By the date of the RA request
  • By the date of the RA shipment
  • By merchandise returned
  • By brand
  • By your RA number or the vendor’s RA number
  • By the status of the RA (open/closed)


Know...It!-Advanced Statistics & Reporting

Functionality Overview: Inventory Analysis

  • Analyze your store by various categories including; department, type, brand, price point, season.
  • Have your report include only inventory belonging to certain categories, brands, styles and sizes or inventory that was received and sold during certain periods
  • Reports can be broken down by stores or show total for all stores
  • Top and Bottom sellers
  • Units sold, dollar amount of sales and the date last sold
  • Number of units on order, received and the last date received
  • Analyze register and backoffice markdowns for your stores
  • Net Profit and profit margin percentages
  • Quickly locate sales trends by unit sales per week (1-6) and cumulative to date
  • Sell-Thru percentages
  • Year-to-Date and quarterly sales and comparisons to last year
  • Monthly comparison of this year’s sales with last year’s
  • Balance percentage of sales, on order, and retail value of stock by category or brand
  • Gross purchase and gross sales
  • Number of days inventory has spent on the floor (Days on the floor)
  • List of markdown percentages, last markdown and the amount sold since the markdown
  • Inventory selling speed
  • Graphs showing the change of time of on-hand level for a style
  • Powerful size analysis reports and graphs showing the quantity received, on hand and on order by size


Ordered/Received Analysis

  • Select your report by categories and by order, ship, cancel, and received dates
  • Have report reflect only merchandise that was received, transferred out or both
  • Reports can include only open orders, closed orders, or both
  • Reports can include only items from purchase orders, transfer orders or both
  • Ordered report shows ordered merchandise with total units and dollar amounts ordered and received, the number of units back-ordered and the status of the order the merchandise is on
  • Received report including number of units received along with retail and cost values
  • List purchase orders based upon dates, season, brand and the status of receiving on the order
  • Summary of receiving for each store during a period of time


Employee Analysis

  • Report on your employees’ productivity and performance during a particular range of date
  • Employees’ hours, salaries and paycheck
  • Commissions and net commission rate
  • Number of sales and pieces sold by each employee
  • Number of receipts and average number of sales per hour
  • "Return-on-outlay" percentage for each employee vs. sales
  • Sales of each employee by department and brand
  • Profit from each employee’s sales
  • Sales made with markdowns


General Business Analysis

  • Breakdown of all business activities over a period of time
  • Have report include breakdown for each day during the period or combine the information
  • Know...It!-Advanced Statistics & Reporting
  • Amount of cash sales, account sales, other sales and total sales
  • Sales tax and net sales reporting
  • Amount of receivables paid, the total amount collected and the gross profit
  • Expenses paid, register payouts and net profit
  • Number of receipts, new layaways, layaway installments, and gift certificates issued
  • Dollar amount of new layaways and layaway installments
  • Sales graphs can be in terms of dollars or units
  • Graph sales by department, brand, type, price point, color and more
  • Graph the average sales volume for each day of the week
  • Graph the average sales and items purchased per hour of the day


Customer Analysis

  • Have your report include only those customers that live in a certain region or have certain preferences
  • Select reports to include only certain customers (on-account, buying club), minimum purchase requirements, or special occasion dates
  • Report can also include only those customers who purchased a minimum amount of a particular type of merchandise
  • Customers’ address and phone number reporting
  • Total sales and date of last store visit
  • Birthday and merchandise preferences
  • Merchandise customer has purchased and any register markdowns
  • Profit from each customers’ purchases
  • Breakdown of customers’ total purchases by department and brand
  • Print customer mailing labels for promotional mailing
  • Print a different label for each member of a particular family


Buy...It!-Open To Buy


Functionality Overview: Open to Buy Plan

  • View up to 18 months on a single plan
  • Plan out how much to invest on particular groups of merchandise
  • Pinpoint when you have ordered excessively and should cancel orders
  • Generates the OTB Plan for each price point of a particular department, type, store, and additional user-defined inventory category
  • OTB table is color-coded to let you know what is actual information, what is planned
  • OTB table displays, for each month of the year, the inventory at the beginning of the month, last year’s sales, this year’s sales, the amount of merchandise on order, the sales made with markdowns and the amount open to buy
  • Begin a new plan with the touch of a button
  • Update the plan with the touch of a button
  • You can remove any of the columns displayed on the OTB table
  • Make changes to the plan for a month based upon a percentage of the data from another month
  • Make the OTB plan for this year the same as last year’s with one button



  • Reports can be generated for any on of the four merchandise categories
  • Print report of the entire OTB plan
  • Print report containing only the OTB column of the plan
  • Print report showing the amount of orders that should be canceled
  • Reports can be broken down by each of the categories and price point, only by price point or in summary form



  • Graph the amounts of the beginning month inventory, sales with markdowns, orders, open to buy
  • Graph comparisons between your predictions and actual data


Tag...It!-Sample Replenishment


Functionality Overview: Sample Replenishment

  • "Sample Replenishment System" pinpoints styles that are in stock but do not have a floor model on display
  • Print display tags for your floor sample merchandise
  • View the prices or descriptions of the styles that are going to be printed
  • Change a style’s suggested retail price
  • Choose to print the store name, stock number and suggested retail price on the tags


Count...It!-Physical Inventory


Functionality Overview: Shrinkage Control

  • Perform a physical inventory check with the use of a portable data collector
  • Easy 3 step procedure
  • Take an accurate inventory in a fraction of the time spent manually
  • Scan barcodes and download them from a data collector
  • Spot-check a few styles, an entire brand or an entire store
  • Print a list of any barcodes not recognized by the system
  • Generate report that shows any discrepancies between the quantities in the system and the quantities that were downloaded, thus pin-pointing problem areas
  • Resolve inventory quantities with the click of a button


Call...It!-Contact Management


Functionality Overview: Contacts

  • Assign a custom contact classification, such as Remit-to, Vendor, Rep, Personal, Service
  • Enter address, account and phone information for each contact
  • Enter standard terms for Remit-to’s that will integrate with Purchase Orders and Payables
  • Make terms standard or end of month (EOM)
  • Multiple contacts per company, including address and phone information, such as customer service, or credit department
  • Enter comments for a specific contact


Phone Book

  • Unique on-screen design looks like a rolodex
  • Use Notebook tabs to quickly find a specific contact
  • View phone book by company or by contact name
  • Search the phone book by contact type, company name or contact name


Contact Reports

  • Have your report include only those companies in a certain region, or of a particular type
  • Print a contact listing or address book type listing for handy reference
  • Generate mailing labels for vendors or any of your contacts


Pay...It!-Accounts Payable


Functionality Overview: Payables

  • Assign an expense category to each payable for your accountant
  • Easily choose the remit-to from your phone book (Call...It!)
  • Enter specific payment terms or incentives for the invoice
  • Factor payment integration
  • Enter amounts, freight charges and additional discounts
  • Readjust the discount percentage and the terms on the expense
  • Access your entire phone book from within a payable; easily bring up important telephone numbers
  • Confirm that the merchandise for the payable was correctly received using the "Auto-Attach" feature
  • Attach additional merchandise to a payable
  • Enter comments specific to the expense
  • Make payments on a payable from multiple bank accounts
  • Void a payment and it is automatically deducted from the expense
  • Expense screen tells you how much has been paid and how much is still owed for the payable


Track Payables

  • By the date the invoice was made or the due date
  • By the invoice number
  • By the payable category
  • By the remit-to company
  • By vendor
  • By factor
  • By the number or account of a check used on the payables
  • By the status of the payable (open/closed)



  • The "Express-CheckWrite" feature makes computer check writing a snap
  • Eliminate the "cramp in your hand" from hand-writing checks
  • Quickly enter a check for a single invoice
  • Retrieve invoices that are due by a certain date to speed your bill paying
  • Pay up to 14 multiple invoices on a single check, producing an itemized check stub
  • View each of the expenses that are due by that date
  • Apply the net discount to overdue expenses, allowing you to "take the discount anyway"
  • Partial payment of an invoice
  • Print one or several checks at a time


Payable Reports

  • Select your payable reports to include only invoices belonging to certain categories, remit-to’s, brands or only those invoices that are currently open or closed
  • Limit your report by invoice date, date due or date paid
  • View the total and amounts paid and owed for a group of payables
  • Aging report lets you easily see open invoice status for 30, 60, 90, and 120+ days overdue
  • Discount report showing the savings of paying your invoices early
  • Report on expenses by category
  • Cash requirements shows the amounts to be paid on each invoice owed to companies by a certain date
  • Review a listing of checks written between specified dates


Bill...It!-Accounts Receivable


Functionality Overview: Payments

  • Enter payments on-account toward the customer open balance
  • Customer’s current account balance appears on screen
  • View detailed customer information at the payment screen
  • Customer can pay using cash, check, credit card, or store credit
  • Review a list of customer payments, by date or customer name
  • Track each customer’s payments and history



  • Set up a revolving statement system, allowing for interest charges
  • Automatically assess interest fees and late charges
  • Designate certain customers to not receive statements in the mail
  • Generate customer statements
  • Review statements by the statement date or the due date
  • Statements display each receipt paid for on the customer’s account and each account payment made during the previous statement period
  • Statements show the necessary minimum payment and any interest or late fees that have been assessed
  • Aging Report shows customer balances for each purchase; for 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90+ days


Link...It!-Interstore Data Exchange


Functionality Overview: Interstore Data Exchange

  • Keep each store up to date on the status and activity of the other stores
  • Select the information each store receives during polling such as inventory and sales activity
  • Set a time to begin polling or begin immediately
  • Set the priority for polling to be the central store or the satellite stores, depending on where you perform transfers and PO’s
  • Special refresh feature
  • View a log of the polling procedure while it is happening or print out for later use
  • Use your laptop to work on Run...It! and poll by disk or via network




Functionality Overview: Customers

  • Enter all phone, address and terms information for each customer
  • Customer’s terms automatically apply to wholesale orders
  • Set a credit limit for each customer
  • Enter the credit card information
  • Enter each ship to location for the customer
  • View the aging of each customer showing what it owes for 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and more than 90 days
  • View the total amounts the customer has ordered, has been shipped, has paid and currently owes
  • Customer list organized with phone book tabs for convenience


Wholesale Orders

  • Easily select the Bill To for the order from your wholesale customers
  • This company’s primary ship to automatically becomes the ship to for this order
  • Quickly change to another of this companies locations if you want
  • View detailed information for the Bill To and Ship To on the order
  • View the number and totals ordered and shipped on this order
  • View the amount of the total sale and the amounts paid and owed
  • View the costs and profits for the order
  • Enter a percent markup and a flat dollar markup for an order
  • Markups automatically apply to the prices on the order
  • Make wholesale prices the same as retail prices
  • Enter payments right at the order screen
  • Enter the freight carrier on the order
  • Have sales from a wholesale order apply to the commissions of the salesman for the order
  • View complete inventory at the order
  • Change style information while working on the order
  • Quickly enter and order using a laser gun or data collector


Minimum System Requirements

Pentium 400Mhz

2gig Hard Drive




56K Modem



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