Instantly know which items are on-hand, on-order or back-ordered and which items have fallen below minimum levels.  Using a portable data colloector and Count...It! a store wide physical inventory can be done in a matter of hours.  Compare this to the conventional method of taking inventory, which requires many employees and several days to complete, with results that are often inaccurate.


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Inventory  matrix for ordering, receiving, printing tickets and transfering merchandise.
Detailed Inventory screen, allows you to search by catergory, brand, specific style, price point and many more combinations.


  • Receive merchandise “on the fly” without purchase orders.
  • Transfer merchandise between stores.
  • Use “Best Run” to automatically transfer the optimum number of units based on your sales.


  • Serialize your inventory.
  • Full inventory matrix with sizes and extensions.
  • Assign special store stock numbers to help find stock room items.
  • Review adjusted entries to the inventory allowing for tight security controls.

Barcode Tickets

  • Reprint barcode tickets at any time.
  • Choose from a variety of barcodes labels and tickets.
  • Easily change computer barcodes to UPC codes

Prices and Costs

  • Multi-tiered pricing including retail price, suggested price and store’s suggested price.
  • Use auto pricing to set retail prices based on a percentage of the cost.
  • Run a timed sale on any group of items that will automatically begin and end on predetermined dates.

Inventory reports

  • Limit all inventory reports to include only merchandise belonging to certain categories, brands and styles.
  • Reports include retail, cost and date last received of each style
  • Track the number of units received and sold during a certain period.


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