Retail123 Lets sales associates zip through all sales transactions using easy touch screens. Just touch a button and process any receipt, layaway, return, gift cerficate, payout, and more with speed and accuracy.  Using Run.It  is sure to improve customer service and result in increaded sales.

Touch Screen Technology

The touch screen is an intuitive, easy way to speed through all your sales transactions. Because all POS transactions can be performed on a single screen Retail123 becomes a cinch to learn.

Retail Transactions

Items can be rung up by their item# or scanned using the UPC, OR the Quick Find feature can find the item in the system within seconds. The system automatically prices the item, subtracts it from inventory, keeps track of actual gross profit by item, and updates the item's sales history.


Customer and Employee Tracking

The system allows you to monitor customer buying habits in a variety of ways. Capture customer demographics and buying patterns.  Look up all prior transaction for a customer and which mercansdise they have purchased.  Record customized personal customer information.

Item Inquiry

In the POS screen, run an items inquiry to see the current quantity on hand, on order, or committed by layaway, special order, or on back order.  You can also see the purchase order the item is on, including the date ordered, the date expected and quantity coming in.


Kits allow you to assign one package price for multiple items. The system processes the discount given and applies it to the package items so that accurate gross margins are maintained for each item.




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