Leveraging Windows

Run.It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE,2000,ME,NT and XP.  We run on both Novell and Microsoft NT networks.  Retail123 V4 is driven by a powerful 32-bit software engine.

Open Database Technology

Retail123 databases are based in either Paradox 7.0 or SQL client server. You can use ODBC drivers to connect other third party systems.                  

Export to Many Popular Formats

With crystal reports you can export your reporting to many different platforms; including Word, Excel, Lotus, Dbase, ASCII, email and Fax.

Real Time Performance (VPN)

A soon to be released partnership with DSL providers allows the retailer to connect their chain of stores together on a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows real time information in all locations.  Instantly view your other stores performance without having to wait for the next data sync.



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