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Point of Sale: Why our POS module beats the others.


Inventory & Purchase:
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Accounting: precision reduces your time in the books by 75%


Reporting: difficult retail decisions virtually made for you.


Technology: Keeping at the forefront of the field.


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Overview: Integrating your Front and Back Office

The key to a great retail system is in combining all business aspects into an easy-to-use one stop program.  Thatís exactly what Run.It does for you.  The Point of Sale is linked directly to your inventory, payable and reporting systems. With all these retail factors dispayed on your computer with graphs and charts, retail decisions begin to look easy.

Software Maximizing your Business...

The Retail123 Systems offers complete retail business solutions.  The system runs in several multi-user operating environments, including Windows98SE,ME,2000,NT and XP.  It is designed for use with a touch screen, literally putting your entire business at your fingertips. Instant sales figures, detailed statistics, expense tracking, accurate inventory data and more--all at the touch of an on screen button.

Web Solutions...

Retail123 V4 Our next generation software allows you to integrate your e-store. We have partnered with e-commerce providers to help those who do not yet have an e-store get clicking.

Retail123 V4 allows you to sell items from the same inventory as your real world brick & mortar store. Take advantage of the new way to do business.

Working Together...

Experts at R
etail123 train you and your employees to set your system up properly. From the day you place your order, we prepare to insure a smooth business transition. The equipment is assembled and tested at our main facility in New York City before it is shipped to the installation site.  All software is already loaded and setup. When the system arrives along with your personal Engineer, you will be able to start loading real data within the first day or two.

Retail123 supplies all hardware and peripherals if you donít already have them.  We offer the very best in state of the art point of sale systems. We specialize in IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and the very latest POS equipment.  Every thing is ready when it gets to your door.  All you have to do is plug  your equipment in and turn it on and you are ready to use Retail123, the most powerful, simplest point of sale system.

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