Symbol Cyclone M2000
A smart investment,  Symbol's innovative new scanner is future-ready now. The M2000 scanner decodes  existing, new and emerging bar code symbologies instantly. The M2000 scanner is packed with features that deliver optimum flexibility including next generation  scanning technology. As good looking as it is practical, the CycloneTM M2000's sleek design complements any store's decor. Large  merchandise or small, single or multiple bar code types, this scanner can handle it all.

Revolutionary  user-selectable scan pattern versatility plus remarkable ease of use and  adaptability make the multi-mode "Cyclone" M2000 Scanner Series from Symbol Technologies a standout for bar code scanning at point of sale.

 Symbol LS4000
The handle is ergonomically  contoured and shaped to fit hands of all sizes and the unit is light and easy to  use. The patented two-finger trigger is extra long, so the user can activate the scanner with the index and middle fingers, reducing index finger fatigue,  enhancing comfort, and providing superior sensory feedback.

Symbol LS9100
Symbol Technologies' LS 9100 Omni-Directional Scanner is your key to improved productivity at the point of sale. This versatile scanner can read all bar  codes, even those that are poorly printed or damaged. It takes up very little  valuable counter space thanks to its small footprint, and operators find the LS  9100 easy to use. Its flexibility and reliability make it a smart investment that can meet your current and future POS scanning requirements.

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